My love for photography and cameras started early in childhood where I’d lose hours taking photos of everything around me. Over the last 10 years, I’ve developed my own style and have worked towards a Bachelor of Arts in Photography.

I’m not a full-time photographer yet and by day I use my creative skills as a graphic designer. I’m passionate about photography and spend countless hours capturing images and trying different techniques. My work has been published in Outdoor Photography, Amateur Photography, and Practical Photography. I’ve also displayed work in two photography exhibitions.

I adore nature and being able to capture the smaller details that are visible through a macro lens. My aim is to bring an image of the outdoors into your home so you can look at it and cherish it forever.

I believe that everybody has the right to affordable quality photography, whether that’s people wanting to capture precious family moments or crafters trying to showcase their products. You can read about the services I provide by clicking here.

Take a look around the site and browse some of my images. They’re all available to buy in different formats from prints and canvas to compact mirrors, magnets and bottle openers.

I’m now into my 11th year of Purpleface Photography and I’m almost ready to take that final leap to make this my full-time job. I’m still learning. That will never stop. I’ve put a little bit of my heart and soul into each and every image you see. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Let me know either way.

I also want to start making blogs that are informative, I don’t just want to show off my work. I want to make this blog into something that can be referred back to – a source of information. If there’s anything you’ve always wanted to know, leave a comment!